Educational Activities

KS 2 / 3 Education Pack:

Supporting material for the ‘3D Printing: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful’ exhibition
This resource pack is informed by National Curriculum requirements and Ofsted subject guidance. It is full
of ideas to inspire a creative learning experience at NCCD and is designed to be used by teachers,
educators, curators and exhibition staff when planning a group or independent visit.
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Special events held for teachers and university students

Multi-Sensory Curating: The Future of Non-permanent Exhibitions
7 February 2017, 4.30–6pm
Teachers, Academics and Educators joined the exhibition curators, Professor Anne Chick and Bryony
Windsor, for a free tour and talk of the exhibition to explore the themes of 3D Printing and looked at how to
take these into the classroom.

Professor Anne Chick in Conversation with Lionel T Dean
7 March 2017, 6–7.30pm

Michael Eden: The Hand and the Glove – gallery tour and Q&A
10 April, 11am–1pm

Workshop Options:

STRATA: A Workshop in Layers

A fun and informative workshop that explored how materials can be layered to create dynamic sculptural
forms that reflect the ‘layer by layer’ nature of 3D printing. Pupils created a multi-layered cut out relief
drawings. Fabricated sculptures were then built up from concentric shapes of sheet foam in alternating
colours. Modelling follows through the lamination and manipulation of two colours of air drying clay. The
workshop concluded with an opportunity to touch and hold some of Michael Shaw’s 3D printed sculptures
and a slide lecture exploring several fantastic layered objects from Architecture, Art and Design.

3Doodling with Grace Du Prez

Grace Du Prez, designer-maker and Mixed Media Textiles graduate from The Royal College of Art (2010)
has used a 3Doodler for over 3 years to produce unique and innovative objects, jewellery and millinery. In
this workshop students learnt all about creating designs using the 3D printing pens.

Special events for the general public related to the exhibition

Jewellery Making Workshop
Saturday 4 March 2017, 1–4pm / 14yrs+

Live 3D Printing Demonstration
Saturday 8 April 2017, 1–4pm

3D Printing Pen Millinery Workshop
Sunday 9 April 2017, 10am–4pm / 14yrs+

3D Printing in Design: Young People’s Workshop
Monday 10 April 2017, 10am–4pm / 12–25yrs

3D MakerBot Returns for February Half Term and Easter
Saturday 11 February – Sunday 19 February and Saturday 1 April – Sunday 16 April 2017